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Where We Teach

New York City’s 1.1 million students make up one of the most diverse school systems in the world. They speak more than 180 languages and come from every corner of the globe. Each student deserves an education that engages them academically and empowers them personally. As a Partner Teacher, you’ll challenge your students to use their imaginations and help them reach their goals.

As a teacher in a New York City public school, you will play an important role in fostering education equity in New York City’s classrooms. You can be the teacher that makes a difference in the life of a New York City student.

In New York City, you can explore your passions and help students discover theirs. Historic museums, parks, landmarks, and leading cultural institutions make the city a vibrant, living classroom. Take advantage of our city’s abundant resources to create an exciting learning environment that fuels your students’ curiosity and builds their confidence.

Teaching in the Bronx

Many of NYC’s highest-need schools are in the Bronx. We believe students in the Bronx deserve well-resourced schools, qualified teachers, and an education that propels them to success. To accomplish that, we’re recruiting Partner Teachers committed to giving Bronx students the support they need to achieve their goals.

Join a world-class team and take advantage of a professional network like no other. Over 300 Partner Teachers currently work within high-need NYC public schools as teachers. Join our team and help thousands of students each year reach their potential.

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“Preparation is key to being able to teach at a high needs school, and I don't know of any other program that has such a high level of preparation.”
Cohort 3 Partner Teacher