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Practical Preparation

NYC Teaching Collaborative delivers practical, personalized preparation unlike any other teacher training program. 

We believe that pairing talented, hard-working individuals with the skills and supports required to succeed in NYC's highest-need public schools can change students' lives and communities.

  • When you are accepted into the NYC Teaching Collaborative, you become a Partner Teacher. As a Partner Teacher, you will receive over four months of training, during which you are supervised, mentored, and coached by Collaborative Coaches, who are experienced classroom teachers. Partner Teachers gradually increase their teaching time and responsibility while working alongside their coaches. This ensures that Partner Teachers develop the essential skills and are fully prepared to be effective teachers in their own classrooms.
  • Collaborative Coaches and program staff give Partner Teachers personalized feedback based on individual strengths and needs.
  • Partner Teachers are provided with the individualized support they need to transform their positive intentions into substantial outcomes.

Year after year, Partner Teachers say that they were on track to being able to raise student achievement during their first year of teaching.

Spring Residency

The cornerstone of the NYC Teaching Collaborative is the residency experience. From January through May, Partner Teachers apprentice in a New York City public school classroom under the guidance of a Collaborative Coach—a veteran experienced teacher who has demonstrated effectiveness in a high-need school in New York City. Over the course of the residency, Partner Teachers take on an increasing number of responsibilities in the planning and delivery of instruction, culminating in the delivery of a full unit in late spring. Partner Teachers also attend skill-building sessions, which complement the in-school experience. 

Master's Coursework

To complement the spring residency, Partner Teachers begin their master's degree coursework to lay the groundwork for a successful career teaching.

Fall Induction Support

Partner Teachers will receive induction support, including observations and feedback from program staff, school-based mentors, and university field support staff.

Years 2 & 3

During their second year as full-time teachers, Partner Teachers continue coursework toward a master's degree in adolescent education with a concentration in the subject area they are assigned to teach. Most Partner Teachers complete their degree program in two years.

Year 4 & Beyond

Upon enrolling in the NYC Teaching Collaborative, Partner Teachers are committing to teach for at least four years in high-need NYC public schools. While four years is the minimum commitment required, Partner Teachers are expected to make a long-term commitment to raising student achievement for students in New York City. We also hope that Partner Teachers will continue to build our community and stay involved in the program through various opportunities to support future cohorts.

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