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During the NYC Teaching Collaborative program, aspiring teachers (i.e. Partner Teachers) apprentice in a NYC public school for over four months prior to becoming a full-time teacher. During this unique pathway to becoming a teacher, Partner Teachers grow into effective teachers through hands-on experiences in a public-school classroom and targeted, ongoing coaching from skilled Collaborative Coaches and program staff.  

Participants work as Partner Teachers in high-need NYC public school classrooms during the school day under the guidance of a Collaborative Coach, who is an experienced teacher. Partner Teachers also receive weekly training from program staff on key strategies for working with students in high-need school communities. Partner Teachers will be informed of their progress and evaluated throughout their training and must demonstrate effectiveness in the classroom before teaching full time. Participants receive a stipend during training.

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“The Collaborative experience had two important qualities: in depth training and speed. The residency model provided a hands-on approach with continuous evaluation, but also a relatively speedy route to making a difference as soon as possible.”
Robert, Cohort 6 Partner Teacher