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Finding a Position

Partner Teachers work in low-income communities at schools with high populations of students with disabilities or English language learners because they know that their skills and experiences can transform educational opportunities for the city’s highest-need students.

In the NYC Department of Education, all hires are made with the mutual consent of both teachers and principals, rather than by central assignment. Teachers can choose a school that fits their teaching philosophy and can flexibly transfer among schools year-to-year as their interests and circumstances change.

While the NYC Teaching Collaborative program team will support you through the hiring process, you will be responsible for leading your own job search. You will have access to school lists and updated job postings, and will receive support through networking events and interview and resume-writing workshops.

For the past three years, 100 percent of Partner Teachers who successfully completed training have been hired before the first day of school.

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“The Collaborative provided an avenue where I can get training, experience, and education simultaneously.”

Yaritza, Cohort 6 Partner Teacher